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February 14, 2013

Our 50th Anniversary campaign is a celebration of what makes CSS special for generations of students -

  • Teachers who love their students and their subjects, and teach with an infectious enthusiasm
  • Students who develop an unquenchable passion to learn and explore
  • Alumni who go on to lead and do in their homes, workplaces and communities

Today, Valentine’s Day, we celebrate the stories of two alumni couples who found their passions - and each other - at CSS. Help CSS spread the love. Make a Valentine’s gift today in honor of your favorite teachers and in support of the next generation of students.

Sean Campbell ‘02 and Julie Silver ‘02

From Sean and Julie: The theater was always the place where Julie felt most at home.  When Sean transferred to CSS in 1999 (10th grade), he became a member of this family very quickly and profoundly. After being on stage in the CSS Review together, albeit not in the same scene, and back stage together in Barefoot in the Park, Julie and Sean shared the stage for the first time in Grease as Eugene and Ms. Lynch. Not something you would think of as romantic, but they certainly took notice of one another. After being a part of Diary of Anne Frank, Our Town, and Blythe Spirit, on stage and off, there was undeniable chemistry. With a little push from Ms. Marsha Hamel, the secretary of the Upper School, their adventure began in December of 2001. Needless to say, Little Shop of Horrors stage chemistry between Audrey and Seymour was quite real.

While Sean went on to become very interested in the technical aspects of theater, and Julie the operatic side, they both still thrive on the transformative power of live theater; how it can allow a person to truly see themselves.  The seed of incredible support that they offer each other through all of life’s challenges, their ability to laugh at each other and themselves, their sense of adventure, their patience with one another and their love for each other was planted at CSS.  Julie and Sean took care of this passion and watched it grow.  They will be married in June of 2013 on the very stage where their love began.  

Love is our true destiny.
We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone.
We find it with another.”
-Thomas Merton

Meegan McCauley Vinje ‘00 and Aaron Vinje ‘99

meeganandaaronFrom Meegan: I was what CSS people called a “lifer.” I started in Kindergarten and graduated from CSS. At the time, Kindergarten was the starting point as the Preschool did not exist yet. I had fantastic teachers and in middle school, one teacher in particular began cultivating a passion inside of me…a passion for theatre. Hela Robran was not only my drama teacher, but my advisor as well, all the way from 7th-12th grade. I found such escape in acting and later on, in directing as well, and she is the one responsible for that. She also went above and beyond and was always there to lend an ear to my school and personal woes. I cannot thank her enough for everything she did. We remain close and she was there when I married another CSS alum 6 1/2 years ago.

That CSS alum graduated a year ahead of me in 1999 and although we had a few classes together and knew each other (who doesn’t at such a small school?), we never actually dated at CSS. It wasn’t until our Colorado College days that we found each other. But our history at CSS served as a wonderful icebreaker for getting to know each other in college. In fact, if not for CSS, I don’t think we would be together today.

From Aaron: I only spent two years at CSS. But while I learned things at other schools, I learned to think critically and write fluently at CSS. Starting each day with a small advisor group helped ease the transition of a new kid used to a school size of thousands suddenly being thrust under the microscope in a student body of over a hundred. Exploring poetry with Ms. McDougall and philosophy with Mr. Gannett taught me that words and meaning are not always the same, sometimes they are even contradictory.

Most of all my time spent at CSS prepared me for the experience of college at Colorado College, where the rigors and routine of the school day gave way to the freeform intensity of the block plan. Absent those two years at CSS, and with two additional years at my previous school, I am confident that the demands CC placed on freshmen would have overwhelmed me, and I may have never met another CSS alum: my wife of over six years.

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