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Tuition Lock FAQs

Tuition Lock FAQs

  • Why does the school use tuition lock? This program shows appreciation for the long-standing relationship current CSS families have with the school and gives them a concrete reason to continue to invest in a CSS education.
  • How does the school afford the “costs” of this program? Simply put, it is a plan to build enrollment by rewarding our current families. We believe that keeping more families at the school benefits the overall financial health of the school more than raising tuition at a steep gradient. We also believe that families who appreciate this program may consider tax-deductible gifts to the Annual Fund.

  • What is the difference between a tuition lock policy and a tuition freeze? As a PreK-12th grade school, it is both impractical and unsustainable to freeze tuition for all grade levels for a child’s total enrollment. Different from a complete freeze, the lock policy does just that, locks in the tuition rate for one or two divisions depending on the age of your child, while the current tuition rate for new students and “unlocked divisions” rises at a modest gradient, approved annually by The Colorado Springs School Board of Trustees.

  • Is tuition locked for new families? Each year, the CSS Board of Trustees will determine the annual tuition for new families. This will not apply to returning families who have locked their rate. If new families return for a second year, they will lock in the rate paid in their first year for the duration of the division (Children’s School or Upper School) or two divisions (Middle School and Upper School) if entering 6th grade or higher.

  • Do I need to re-enroll by February 15th to lock in my rate? Yes.

  • Will there be any exceptions for meeting the deadline? No.

  • If I leave and decide to come back to CSS, can I have my old tuition rate back? No. Returning students are welcome but will enter at the current tuition for the year they re-enter, not their old (lower) rate.

  • Are fees also locked for re-enrolling families? No. Lunch, seminar fees, bus fees, extended care, and any other applicable fees are subject to annual increases.

  • What does this mean for families applying for Indexed Tuition? You will still submit an annual application for Indexed Tuition by February 1st. Financial qualification criteria determined by FACTS Grant & Aid will remain the same. If your financial picture has not changed, your Indexed Tuition will be consistent with your previous year’s award.

  • Is the program applied school-wide? No, PreKindergarten and international students have independent tuition programs. 

  • How long will this program last? The benefits will begin immediately and, as you can see, are projected to accrue over a significant period time. However, this program, like every other program at the school, will be reviewed to measure its effectiveness.

  • How will the locked rate be applied? As always, your enrollment packet will reflect full tuition. All applicable discounts including Indexed Tuition, locked tuition rates, and sibling discounts will be reflected at the time of billing.
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