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Admission FAQs


When is the application deadline?

The CSS admission application deadline for priority consideration is February 1. Once an application is complete, including all supporting documents, the Admission Committee reviews the file and invites qualified applicants for a visit and assessment.  These visits can begin as early as November if an application and all required supporting documents have been received.

Is an interview required for admission?

Yes, an interview is a required component of the application process. International students who do not visit the CSS campus may arrange for a Skype interview.

What does ECS stand for, and what is it?

ECS stands for Experience Centered Seminar. These Upper School seminars are a central element of the school’s academic year. Each March, Upper School students participate in a 3-week program which immerses them in academic subjects through a first-hand, interdisciplinary experience. Academic requirements include oral and written presentations, term papers, group work, projects, and final exams.  

The developmentally appropriate comparison to ECS’s in Middle School are Seminars and in Children’s School are Fall Trips and Colorado Expeditions.

What is the advisor system?

One of our unique programs is the advisory system. Each advisee group is made up of approximately 12 students. Regular meetings with advisors help students stay on target academically and socially by setting focused goals. The advisor becomes the advocate and mentor for the student and is another point of contact for the parents.

Middle School
Each student in the Middle School (MS) has a faculty advisor who monitors progress and establishes a supportive relationship. The advisor stays with the advisee group through a student’s tenure in MS. The advisory group is comprised of students in the same grade.

Upper School
In Upper School, the advisory group includes students representing 9th through 12th grades. Students have the same advisor through graduation.

What is the average class size?
  • Upper School: Average instructional class size is 12 students.
  • Middle School: Average instructional class size is 12 students.
  • Grades 1-5: 18:1 maximum
  • Kindergarten: 16:1 maximum
  • PreKindergarten: 8:1 maximum
What are the school hours?

Classes begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. and conclude at 3:15 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday. Faculty and staff are on campus for extended hours.

Is there a before and after school program?

The Children’s School offers caring, on-campus supervision for an additional charge from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and from 3:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Extended care in the afternoon is available for Pre-K students.

Does CSS offer bus transportation?

Yes, bus stops are located throughout the community and based on demand may include stops in Monument, Powers corridor, and Pueblo.  Visit our transportation page for specific locations.

What accreditation does the school hold?

Accredited by The Association of Colorado Independent Schools and a proud member of The National Association of Independent Schools.

National Association of Independent Schools-
The NAIS is the national voice of independent education which represents approximately 1,400 independent schools and ensures these schools uphold high education standards.

The Association of Colorado Independent Schools-
The ACIS is dedicated to the improvement of member schools by accrediting, supporting, and promoting each school by fostering excellence in teaching and learning.

What competitive sports are offered at CSS?

Our offerings include soccer, basketball, volleyball, cross-country, tennis, lacrosse, swimming and golf. Visit the Athletics page for more information.

Are international students required to participate in the Homestay program?

No, it is not required but highly recommended that international students participate in a Homestay experience. Some international students live with family members who reside locally.

When is my family's Indexed Tuition application due?

Beginning November 1, parents may access the online FACTS Grant & Aide application for the following school year. Applications submitted by February 1 receive priotity consideration. Applications submitted after February 1 will be accepted and awards based on the availability of funds at that time. In order to apply for Indexed Tuition, an Admission application must be completed.

See the Affording CSS page for more information on Indexed Tuition.

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