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Re-Opening of Campus - FAQs

Personal Travel Recommendations - Should my family quarantine before returning to school?
All enrolled families are highly encouraged to halt travel on airplanes, trains, boats, and buses (or other public transportation) by August 5, 2020. This time frame allows 14 days of self-monitoring and social distancing after public travel before reentering school. Faculty and staff are highly encouraged to halt travel prior to July 28, 2020.

Masks - Will my student have to wear a mask?
Yes, all students and teachers will wear facial coverings. We also recommend a quick-release lanyard for your child’s mask. Most critically, we will adhere to wearing facial coverings indoors or when we are not able to socially distance. This act is out of respect for our classmates and teachers. When outdoors or appropriately socially distanced, or when imperative to learning facial coverings may be removed at the discretion of the teacher. Masks must be worn during transitions in hallways and in shared spaces. Visit the Steps for Success: Facial Coverings page for more details. Given current research, gaiters are no longer acceptable at school.

What happens if a student or faculty/staff member presents with COVID-19 symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19?
Protocols devised by El Paso County Public Health will guide our efforts for keeping the community safe. The criteria and procedural steps for isolating, quarantining and closing school are outlined on the Steps to Success: Personal Health page.

Drop off and Pick up Procedures - How will drop off and pick up take place?
All parents/guardians will use carline drop-off and pick-up procedures. Parents are asked not to congregate in the parking lots or walk children into the buildings. Students should be prepared to independently carry their own items into the buildings (ie. backpacks, lunches, band instruments, etc.). Maps of carline flow and assigned ingress and egress will be distributed as we get closer to the start of school.

Transportation - Will transportation services be offered?
Daily routes will be determined based on ridership. Students will sit in assigned seats. Siblings seated together. Socially distanced where possible. Ridership for the late bus will be assessed. Carpooling amongst families is encouraged. For more information on transportation, click here.

Morning Care and Extended Care - Will the school still offer extended hours before and after school? 

  • PreK - 5th Grade Morning Care will not be offered during the current COVID-19 conditions. Building will not be open ealry for Middle or Upper School students. “Carline for All” will begin at 7:45 a.m.
  • PreK - 5th Grade Extended Care Hours: 3:15 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. Reservations must be made for the entire semester. Standard fees will apply. Drop-ins will not be possible in order to maximize cohorting.
  • Homework Heaven Library Hours: 3:15 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. 

Will my student be cohorted in a smaller group?
As a small school, we have natural cohorts within our community. Children’s School can operate mainly within grade-level cohorts with classroom and co-curricular teachers going to the grade levels. We are making schedule modifications to further cohort 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. To fully deliver electives and a broad offering of courses Upper School the cohort expands and students have mixed grade level class rosters. Add extracurriculars, athletics, and outside obligations of families and your cohort may grow quickly. Essentially, PreK - 8th grade risk can be minimized in smaller cohorts and the Upper School division will function as cohort.

Lunch - How will lunch look differently?
At this time, CSS is assessing our capacity to provide pre-order boxed lunches through the lunch program. When we can, we will resume our normal food service. Please be patient as we continue to explore what is financially and logistically feasible. We will minimize large group gatherings in the Maytag Dining Hall. Grade level classes and advisories will be cohorted to eat lunch in classrooms, outdoor locations, and advisory. Students will not be able to leave campus for lunch. We will not be accepting adult visitors for lunch.  

Athletics and Extracurriculars - Will CSS offer sports and extracurriculars?
We will offer sports that CHSSA and El Paso Public Health officials allow. If some interscholastic sports are not allowed, we may explore offerings on-campus for conditioning with Upper School student-athletes and modified exercise opportunities and extracurriculars for Middle School students. As of now, CSS plans for all fall sports to begin practice as originally scheduled. There may be modifications for spectators and fans, transportation, etc. Limitations and restrictions to athletic participation may also be applied to theatre rehearsals, clubs, and extracurriculars as needed.

Calendar - How can I keep on top of calendar adjustments?
The Major Dates calendar is reviewed and planned a year in advance of the upcoming school year. We encourage all families to closely follow the Calendar powered by Google and to use the subscribe to calendar function. We will undoubtedly need to remain flexible with our robust and active calendar. We anticipate postponements and cancellations as well as creative alternatives and the emergence of new traditions.

Experiential Education and Overnight Programming 
We will maximize our 28-acre campus and teaching practices to deliver experiential education. Field trips may be limited to outdoor adventures. No overnight travel will be permitted first semester. Creative alternatives for community-building and curricular tie-ins will be explored. We acknowledge the disappointment students and parents will have in the loss of such signature programming.

How will we as parents use the Community Pledge to reinforce our community values and culture?
Through the stated Community Pledge we acknowledge social responsibility to each other to stand together to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is not a waiver or legal document but rather a commitment of each CSS family to prioritize the safety of students, teachers, and families of our broader community.

Photos - Why do some of the photos on the school’s website and social media not reflect all of the strictest safety standards?
We will continue to capture the essence of our learners throughout the school year. At times students may be masked and at other times with social distancing in place, you may witness their truest smiles without masks. Images from our archives will be supplemented. Please don’t use photos as a baseline for our safety standards as we will curate the joy of learning and celebrate students.

Why can’t CSS offer On-Campus Learning and e-Learning tracks simultaneously?
CSS is unwaveringly dedicated to following through with our commitment to our students and families to deliver our mission and strong academic, social-emotional and dynamic programs on-campus or off-campus; via distance e-Learning in the event CO state and county guidelines instruct us to.

While we are in session for On-Campus Learning, we can not support long-term at-home e-Learning. If teachers are instructing on-campus, it simply isn’t feasible for them to deliver a high-quality e-Learning experience simultaneously for other students who may choose to stay home. An On-Campus Learning experience can’t be synchronous if a class is taken outdoors or students are engaging in hands-on or experiential lessons. Additionally, many On-Campus Learning classes may take place outdoors. We will work individually with families who may be quarantined or having illness symptoms to keep up with school work or adjust assignments through Google Classroom. We are not offering bimodal learning or a virtual academy as a concurrent enrollment track for On-Campus Learning. Some schools that are offering this as an option are utilizing a third-party contractor or outside partnership to deliver such an option.  

If my child is ill or in quarantine, how will they be able to keep up with assignments?
Division Directors will work individually with families who may be quarantined or having illness symptoms to keep up with school work or adjust assignments. All CSS students will be issued Google emails and all grade levels will use Google Classrooms in order to establish a consistent mechanism for delivering class content and to streamline the system for turning in assignments. The Google Suite for Education will allow for an easier transition to e-Learning and will enable students to keep up with classwork.

What constitutes valid enrollment? 
Repeated unexcused absences in excess of 10 days will lead to a conversation with the Head of School and could lead to separation from school. In order to maintain full enrollment status, students must attend school. Unexcused absences in excess of 10 days will result in loss of enrollment. The enrollment status of all students is a commitment to the mission of the school, school programming, and policy. Dual enrollment is not permitted.   

If my family chooses to withdrawl due to COVID-19 pressures how do we initiate this process?
We want to acknowledge that we are in unprecedented times and don’t know exactly how the 2020-2021 school year will unfold. We are prepared and optimistically planning to spend the year On-Campus Learning (OCL), but are also prepared to provide an excellent education in an e-Learning environment.

Should a family choose to withdraw their child from CSS for any reason:
  • Contact the Admission Office to begin a conversation.
  • Per the annual terms of enrollment, a family is still obligated to pay the tuition and fees for the 2020-2021 school year. No refunds or discounts will be offered as the school’s expenses are fixed well in advance of the school year.
  • Should you wish to return at some point during the 2020-2021 school year we will welcome you back with open arms. However, we can’t guarantee that a spot will be available to families who withdraw and then want to return. Please note that in an effort to welcome back students to school safely, we are intentionally keeping class sizes small in order to social distance and execute a strong e-Learning experience should regulations dictate us to do so. We are managing a wait pool for several grades.

Last updated: August 19, 2020

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