Now Is The Time…

The teenage years are a time of great change - physically, socially and neurologically - and what a student does or doesn’t do in high school has a profound affect on his/her collegiate education and professional life. These are important years: CSS students are expected to use them well, because extraordinary capacities are ready to develop… or diminish.

Teens need a rich, challenging, multifaceted program to fuel their natural curiosity. In the CSS Upper School, they will find:

  • Engaging coursework: enrichment, support, and exploration
  • Seminars: connect learning to the real world beyond the school’s walls
  • Leadership: students learn to help a team achieve its goals
  • Athletics and Arts: competition, creativity and cooperation
  • Morning Meeting: civic engagement and public speaking
  • Global citizenship: domestic and international travel, partnerships, and perspectives

Upper School highlights include:

CSS Upper School Programs: Our students complete a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that includes core and elective courses in history and English, math and science, world languages, and the arts. Elective classes, the Experience Centered Seminar Program, Clubs (including the recent state champion Matchwits and the international award winning Model United Nations teams), Wellness, and College Overview, set us apart from other options and will deepen and broaden your educational experience.

  • 40% of our total student body is enrolled in Calculus or college level mathematics.

  • We offer a rigorous selection of Advance Placement, accelerated, and enrichment courses.

  • The CSS Innovation Lab, under director Andrew Julian, has recently been expanded and relocated to the high school to support student work in technical fields.

CSS Upper School Teachers: We recruit our teachers nationally, evaluate them based on their teaching, and provide them with regular opportunities to further their passions.

  • 75% of our teachers/administrators have a Master’s degree or Ph.D. in their field. 

  • The average class size is 11.

  • Teachers see an average of 40- students per day, compared to 240 at most schools.

  • CSS students will be known by every teacher, will meet weekly with an advisor, and will receive extensive, individualized comments and feedback.

  • Faculty and advisors meet weekly to discuss the progress and potential of each of our students.

CSS Upper School Support: College admission is the most competitive it has ever been. Our college advising program starts in the sophomore year and ramps up significantly through junior and into senior year.

  • 70% of 2016 graduates were accepted by their top college choice.

  • Students receive 36 hours of in-class college counseling, and up to 12 hours of one-on-one counseling.

  • Our students earn high standardized test scores.

  • Admissions representatives from over 70 colleges and universities visit our campus in an average school year.

  • Parent information sessions help guide parents through the college application process.

CSS Upper School Fun: It is hard to measure laughter in the hall or the value of a supportive environment, but this is a place that knows how to have fun. Students in the Upper School are extraordinarily engaged in school life and are building their skills for the next step in their education.

  • Mixed grade level advisory groups and peer-to-peer mentoring put younger students in conversation with older students.

  • Retreats, Seminars, Student council (Forum), and a robust calendar of events and activities keep students engaged and help them build positive relationships.

  • CSS athletics, drama and music programs perform at a high-level, and each of our teams/troupes are inclusive and prioritize skill development. From basketball to band, there is no better place to learn how to get better.


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