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College Matriculation

Class of 2017 College Matriculation

Celebrating more than $3 million in reported merit scholarships and awards, the 33 graduates in The Colorado Springs School’s Class of 2017 are prepared for a dynamic world and colleges this fall.

The Class of 2017 earned an average ACT of 28, an average SAT of 1326, boasted a National
Merit Scholar Finalist and two Commended students, two Gazette’s Best & Brightest, 23 AP
Scholars, and six students of the senior class were members of the Ursa chapter of the National Honor Society (as indicated by * below). 

Students in the Class of 2017 live in 11 zip codes throughout the Pikes Peak region and Pueblo, with five seniors of the class being international students hosted locally by families.

Borja, Kawika - University of Colorado at Boulder

Chavez, Joseph - The University of Arizona

Churchill, John - University of Denver

de Sa Filho, Fabiano Andre - University of Toronto, Canada

Farwell, Bridget - University of Denver

Franklin, Brenna - New York University — Tisch School

Gaylord, Kaela - Rollins College

Gebhardt, Hayden - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Hemsworth, Liam Cooper - Montana State University, Bozeman

Hudspeth, Phil Arman - University of Kent, United Kingdom

Hughes, Trent - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Jackson, Jacob - Clemson University — Engineering

Johnston, Justin Robert - Colorado State University — Engineering

Kunstle, James - Boston University

Leachman, Hannah - Auburn University, Montgomery

Ma, Chiyu - Purdue University

Marple, Ivy - Lewis & Clark College

Martinez-Vivot, Elena - Colorado College

Mei, Han - New York University — Engineering

Nieman, Lillian - Wichita State University

Read, Timothy - Sullivan University of Colorado at Boulder

Sagahon, Rachel - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Schultz, Claire Anne - University of Northern Colorado

Shafii, Jahan - University of Colorado at Boulder

Starling, Jaydi Elizabeth - Concordia University, Seward

Swan, Delaney - Colorado College

Taylor, Hannah - Grinnell College

Thomas, Ethan - Trinity University

Wang, Zijian - Northwestern University

Weidman, Sarah - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wolfe, Sarah - Reed College

Wooten, Bryn M - Tulane University

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