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Lifetime Giving Society

Lifetime Giving Society

Devoted donors Barron and Tami Collier In honor of donors who have contributed cumulative gifts of more than $50,000 to the school.
(We are still building out our historical records to accurately reflect a comprehensive list of Lifetime Giving Society donors.
Please don’t hesitate to inform us of an oversight or donor that should be included.)  

Mr. and Mrs. Russ Acuff – P’10
Mr. and Mrs. Will Bain – P’25, P’22, P’21
Mr. and Mrs. Al Buettner – P’06
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Cagle – P’14
Capital Group Companies
Mr. and Mrs. Barron Collier II – P’10
Corundum Foundation
Estate of Susan Barker Day ’70 – In Memory of James Day
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Dean - P’10, P’09, P’07
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Deeny - P’05, P’01
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Dwan - G’10, G’06, G’04
Dwan Family Foundation Trust
 Mrs. Catherine Edborg – P’72, P’78, P’80
Ms. Nancy Ekberg and Dr. Daniel Tynan – P’09, P’07
El Pomar Foundation
General and Mrs. Howell M. Estes III – P’07
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ferguson – P’11, P’08
Mr. Randy A. Gardiner and Dr. Caro D. Gardiner - P’16, P’14, P’13
Gates Family Foundation
Ms. Loren George and Mr. Stephen Hyde –  P’08, P’07
Mr. and Mrs. Mike S. Hassell – P’08, P’06
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hesse – P’08, P’04
Mr. Harry Hoiles – G’94, G’98, G’02
Inasmuch Foundation
Ms. Linda Jackson and Mr. Bernie G. Jackson – P’15, P’17, P’19
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Karnes – P’08
Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Kinlaw – P’14, P’08, P’04
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Landry – P’03
Dr. Anita and Mr. Philip Lane – P, P
Ms. Janet Lecompte – P’67, P’79
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lovelace - G’09, G’06
Mr. Jeffrey Lovelace - P’09, P’06
Dr. and Mrs. Clint Malone – P’27, P’22, P’19
Mr. John Robert Maytag 
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Medved Sr. – P’08
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McGrath - P’03
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Morley - P’16, P’16, P’15, P’13
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Moyes – P’13, P’12, P’05
Mr. and Mrs. William Nelson – P’14
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Norsworthy – P’18, P’18
Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Oliphant – P’10, P’05
Parents Association of The Colorado Springs School
Pikes Peak Community Foundation Donner Fund
Pikes Peak Community Foundation Alamo Avenue Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Robinson - P’12, P’08
Mr. C. T. Robinson – P’05, P’03
Mr. and Mrs. John A. F. Smith -  P’10, P’06, P’04
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Suggs – P
Mrs. Gertrude O. Sundgren - G’10, G’05
Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Thatcher – P’14, P
The JL Foundation
The Anschutz Foundation
The Schweppe Foundation
The William H. Donner Foundation, Inc.
Tucker Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whiteside – P’10, P’07

P – denotes Parent and Child’s Graduation Year
G – denotes Grandparent and Grandchild’s Graduation Year

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