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March Menu

CSS offers a full-service lunch program, including hot lunch options, a salad/soup bar, and a snack shack. Students may access the dining services by having a pre-paid lunch balance on file with the Business Office.

Program Details

  • One-pass-through lunch including beverage
  • Ala carte pricing options ($1, $2, & $3 selections)
  • Grab-and-go salads ($2.95 bowls and $4.95 plates) and sandwiches
  • Frozen Yogurt available (Children’s School students may only purchase on published days)
  • Box lunch and salad orders can be placed for off-campus experiences (field trips, sports teams, clubs, etc.)
  • Afterschool snack offerings for $1, $2 and $3
  • Continued focus on local and organic vendors, including produce from the CSS garden
  • Monitor and pay lunch balances through FACTS Parent Portal

Learn How to Fund Your Lunch Account and Check Balances

Use the following form to fund your student’s lunch account. Please contact the Business Office at (719) 434-3544 or deliver a check to the receptionist in the Trianon. Additionally you may pay your student’s lunch account through RenWeb Parent Portal.

Meals - One-Pass-Through Lunch including beverages:

  • Children’s School (K-5th): $5.70
  • Middle School (6th-8th): $6.90
  • Upper School (9th-12th): $6.90

Beverages only:

  • All grade levels: $1.95 to $2.50

Ala Carte Pricing:

  • $1, $2, & $3 items - A variety of offerings will be made available during lunch.
  • Grab-and-go salads - For $2.95 (bowl) and for $4.95 (plate), students headed to club meetings, tutoring sessions, or advisee meetings can pick up a boxed salad. This convenient option also comes with a bottled water for the student on the run.
  • Kodiak Box Lunches - Classes going off campus will be offered the opportunity to purchase grab-and-go salads and Kodiak Box Lunches.
  • Click here for the grab-and-go salad and Box Lunch Order Form. ($7)
  • Click here for the PreK Box Lunch Order Form. ($6)
  • Kodiak Snack Shack - Staying after school for drama practice, athletics, or student council? Stop by the Kodiak Snack Shack for a variety of healthy and high-energy $1, $2, $3 snack options.
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