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Middle School’s 2019 annual National Geographic GeoBee

January 15, 2019

The Colorado Spring School’s 2019 annual National Geographic GeoBee

It took a tie-breaker Tuesday to determine the 2019 winner of The Colorado Spring School’s annual National Geographic GeoBee. Thirteen middle school students qualified to participate.

The final questions were between 7th graders Alex H. ‘24 and Micah R. ‘24. For the second year in a row, Alex was the winner. “It was nerve wracking and exciting,” Alex said afterward.

The Colorado Spring School’s 2019 annual National Geographic GeoBee

The other students who participated were: 6th graders Norah O. ‘25, Neve P. ‘25, Ryder L. ‘25, and Navya M. ‘25; 7th graders Oliver P. ‘24, Naomi E. ‘24, and Adhista E. ‘24; and 8th grade representatives were Nathan G. ‘23, Morgan J. ‘23, Sofia O. ‘23, and Caitlin R. ‘23.

“I felt like it was really competitive,” said Amos White, CSS Middle School History Teacher who emceed the GeoBee. “I felt all of the kids represented their classes well.”

Alex will take a qualifying written exam during the next week to know if he advances to the State GeoBee, which will be held this spring in Denver.

The GeoBee was developed in 1989 to boost geography knowledge among young people. During the past three decades, 120 million students have learned about the world by participating in the competition.

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