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Learning the Benefits of Art Therapy

March 02, 2021

Today focused heavily on guest speakers. Our first speakers were two very passionate women who work at the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver. We talked about Clyfford Still’s works, his motivations, and even shared our interpretations of one of his abstract works. They also guided us through an activity meant to reflect on stressors in our lives, where we would like to end up, and what we needed to pass through to reach that end point. The activity was also helpful in getting the group to open up with each other and learn more about each other. Our second guest speaker told us in-depth about art therapy using a pre-recorded slideshow. We learned more about who Art Therapy benefits, as well as how one becomes an art therapist. While at home we learned more about how art therapy helps those with failing memories, and we finished with a “Yes, and…” activity as a group to describe paintings. We actually ended up producing two beautiful group poems and even a quick short story based on a piece of art. We finished the day off with homework to do our own “Yes, and…” activity with a piece of artwork of our choosing, which I personally am very excited for.

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