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Southwest Discovery | Course Description

February 01, 2017

Southwest Discovery: The many layers of the colorful life of the American Southwestern region

This ECS will involve immersion into the magic of the American Southwest. While exploring this land not all that far from here, we will experience the wonder of southwestern culture, art, and nature. We will spend time in Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico and in various locales in the Navajo Nation in Arizona and Utah, such as Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, and Rainbow Bridge. Through hands-on workshops and wilderness excursions we will explore the unique natural beauty of this region that has inspired so much art and literature. This land and its people will inspire our own artistic pieces through a variety of mediums such as visual arts, music, dance, and creative writing. Another intrinsic part of this ECS will involve community service with such organizations as the Diné Youth in Shiprock and the YES Organization that is designed to empower youth. Such immersion will allow us to recognize and appreciate the importance of preserving native cultures as we also reflect upon our own identities within the desert landscape.

Instructors: Amy Johnson-Smith, Marta Kunze, Hans Wolfe


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