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Scandinavia | Course Description

February 01, 2017

Life in Scandinavia: Shaping a society through the role of government

Essential Question: How can a society strive to become more healthy, balance private and public services, reduce social ills, and find a path that improves the lives and well being of its citizens?

How can we measure the success and happiness of a civilization? Striving to be a highly-developed, healthy society requires balancing public services with the workings of private markets, being economically competitive, reducing social ills, and finding a path to improve the lives and well being of all its citizens. This is a difficult task, but none is more important. This seminar focuses on Scandinavia, widely cited as having some of the healthiest and happiest societies in the world. Students travel to Stockholm and Copenhagen to examine the government’s role in areas such as health care and education, while investigating historical and cultural reasons that led to its current economic structure. The seminar hopes to include many diverse experiences, including the education and culture in Lund, SE. This includes short home stays, attending school, and sharing presentations about the respective economies.

Instructors: Jennifer Hedden, Paul Young


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