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Law & Order | Course Description

February 01, 2017

Law and Order: An exploration of the inner workings of the American system of criminal justice

This ECS partners with local lawyers, judges, police, and others, to give students an insider’s look at workings of the American criminal justice system, from arrest, to trial, to incarceration. Students visit jails, prisons, prison museums, courtrooms and police stations in Colorado Springs, Denver, Florence, and Canon City to meet with men and women who work everyday in some aspect of criminal justice. Significant time is also devoted to students’ preparing and arguing a law case themselves in a classroom simulation known as Mock Trial. In addition, students will research how social conditions, such as racism, economic inequality, and educational disadvantage, impact the American justice system. If you are considering a career in law or politics, a college major in political science, public policy, or criminal justice, or if you are interested in honing your skills in public speaking, debate, and critical thinking, this is the ECS for you.

Instructors: Melissa Hafter, John Longo


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