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Expédition Quebec | Course Description

February 01, 2017

Expédition Quebec

Prepare yourself for a true immersion into the language and culture of French-speaking Canada. This exciting ECS will come to understand “Canadian national identity” as a term that embodies the language, history, natural environment and geography, traditional crafts, cuisine, and social elements that are representative of Canada. Students will learn and practice the French language through a wide variety of hands-on experiences as they explore the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, the history-soaked walled city of Old-Quebec, and the dramatic gulf of the St. Lawrence River in Gaspé Bay. During the first week in-country, language instruction will occur daily with local Quebecois teachers in order to expose students to French vocabulary that will be relevant to the day’s excursions. History, culture, and geography will come alive as students participate in an overnight dogsled adventure that will retrace the routes of early explorers, and snowshoe through the famous Plains of Abraham where the French lost Canada to the English in 1756.  This ECS will include a one-week home stay experience in the province, which will further orient students to regional francophonie accents, cadence, and slang. Finally, students will gain intensive service experience by working shoulder to shoulder with native Quebecois who continue to subscribe to the rural, agrarian lifestyles that have defined regions of Eastern Quebec throughout its history and to modern day. From beef cattle farms, to horse-breeding operations, to agricultural management, dude ranches, and trail-riding outfitters, students will volunteer between 5 and 7 hours per day for a week. Join us! - A language and culture adventure awaits!

Instructors: David Benson, Gretchen Gresham


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