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Bonaire Scuba | Course Description

February 01, 2017

Bonaire Scuba: A story of physical and biological evolution

Unique in our solar system, there is nothing like Earth’s oceans. The origin, evolution, and physical properties of Earth’s oceans are a defining influence on the biological evolution of life on Earth. The oceans remain home to an incredibly diverse web of life, intricately connected to our planet’s well-being. This course will examine these topics through an underwater exploration of the ocean surrounding Bonaire, one of Earth’s great diving environments. Every student will complete an open water diver course and receive lifelong scuba certification. In addition, students will engage in scientific data collection and a local service project on Bonaire. The culmination of our studies will be a multimedia project covering the story of the physical and biological evolution of Bonaire and it’s immediate surroundings.

Instructors: Greg Johnson, Anne Taylor


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