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The Value of a CSS Education: Announcing Tuition and Programs for 2015-2016

December 09, 2014

As I mentioned in my recent State of the School presentation (Video - 25 minutes), The Colorado Springs School is supported by a committed and motivated group of parents who invest in a CSS education for their child because they know that educational opportunities that promote engagement awaken the skills and habits students need for success. As we announce new tuition levels for the 2015-2016 school year, I want to assure you that we are committed to increasing the value proposition of a CSS education. Our 2015-2016  tuition for K-12th grade represent nominal increases. However, after a competitive pricing analysis, we have decided to decrease tuition in PreK by 10% next year, in order to attract a more competitive applicant pool to feed our Children’s School grades. We hope you will share this positive message as part of our overall growth strategy.   

The Colorado Springs School’s distinctive philosophy of education sets it apart from the independent, charter, and public schools in the region and it is this philosophy that guides the school as it maintains its traditions and develops new programs.

At CSS we believe that experiential education creates student engagement. More specifically we believe:

  • As Yeats did, that “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”
  • That students come to us as unique individuals with distinct interests talents and motivations
  • They leave us as enriched scholars and leaders
  • Following the recent research of Dan Pink, that deep and long-lasting student motivations stem from the ability to develop autonomy, mastery, and purpose
  • That our school has no walls; we believe it should encompasses the entire city, region, nation, and world
  • That real student engagement is what drives learning and that it can be fostered
  • That a private school can and should serve the public good by creating leaders who are committed to serving others and leaving their mark

This philosophy guides us in our work with children and in the development of new programs and initiatives. Below is a partial list of some of our new programs:

New technology initiatives: These range from using flipped class videos in our Upper School courses (short lessons produced by our teachers supporting student learning), to the PreK-12 digital portfolio project, to the recent network upgrades that are preparing our Upper School students for increased use of technology in the classroom as part of our new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) tech integration program. As part of this program, each Upper School student will be able to use a tablet, notebook, or laptop computer that they either own or can rent from the school in their classes. This program will allow Upper School students and teachers the flexibility to use the devices and platforms that they already know to create and collaborate at a moment’s notice. When students have access to powerful networked devices in every class, there are no barriers to connected learning and computer labs become centers for more robust tasks such as digital video editing, photo manipulation, and programming instruction.

Experiential education: Next August, the Upper School will debut a new four-day seminar program that highlights the attitudes and skills of our mission statement and immerses students in a mini-ECS with members of their class.

Calendar improvements: Recently the administrative team reviewed the school’s academic calendar with the goal of increasing the number of seminar days, decreasing programmatic conflicts, and maximizing the number of teaching days in the school year.

Teaching Social and Emotional Intelligence: Next year our school will begin a new program to teach social and emotional learning through Yale’s RULER program. Research has shown that students who become more aware of their emotions through participation in the RULER program have less stress, better sleep, fewer disciplinary incidents, and do better in school than students who do not. All students in all grades will benefit from the rollout of  this new program.  

New Administrative Policies: In addition to these new programs, the school is implementing several new administrative policies designed to help families choose CSS, including: 

  • early admission decisions for sibling applicants,
  • the implementation of sibling tuition discounts,
  • and a new option of paying deposits by credit card.

Development of a new CSS Website: We are currently in the process of creating a new website to help tell the story of CSS and share our programs with new families. This website will debut this spring and serve both new and current families as the central information hub of the school.

Determining the value of a good or a service is much more complicated than simply knowing its price. Value relates to the quality, quantity, durability and intangibles of a product or service. Choosing to send your child to The Colorado Springs School is an investment in your child’s current level of engagement and in his/her future skills, knowledge, and positive relationships with others.

The Colorado Springs School – building student capacities – every child, every class, every day.

Re-enrollment Resources

Letter to Current Parents on Re-Enrollment (PDF)
Tuition and Fees (and sibling discounts) (PDF)
Financial Aid Information Overview (PDF)
Re-Enrollment Dates and Financial Aid Deadlines (PDF)

On Monday, CSS sent all current families an email via RenWeb regarding the new re-enrollment process that will take place in late January 2015. Explanation of the financial aid process is also included. Please be sure to read these letters and refer back to these re-enrollment resources.


Aaron Schubach

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