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2017 Presentation of Students Awards

May 25, 2017

During the 52nd Commencement Exercises the following awards were bestowed to students. Academic Dean, Mr. Eric Gaylord, and Head of School Aaron Schubach introduced each of these honors. 

Longevity Awards

Jacob J., Lillian N., Ivy M., and Sarah W. were honored with longevity awards

The longevity awards are given to those who entered CSS either in Kindergarten or PreSchool. These students have been important members of our community from start to finish. To present the awards this year was preschool teacher, Lee Hesselberg, former preschool and Kindgergarten teacher, Michelle Williams Gates, former Kindergarten teacher Michelle Cockroft and former Children’s School Administrative Assistant, Eleanor Walters. The Class of 2017 had four students who received the longevity award

  • Enrolled in PreSchool in 2002 we honor Ivy Marple with the Longevity Award.
  • Enrolled in PreSchool in 2002, we honor Jacob Jackson with the Longevity Award.
  • Enrolled in 2003 as a PreKindergarteners, we honor Sarah Weidman with the Longevity Award.
  • Enrolled in 2004 as a Kindergartener, we honor Lilian Nieman with the Longevity Award.

Highest Academic Achievement

Sarah W. '17 earns the Highest Academic Achievement Award

Eric Gaylord, Academic Dean, shared, “Our next award, The Highest Academic Achievement Award is given to the student who has earned the highest overall grade point average for the 2016-2017 school year. This Senior completed 4 AP classes at CSS this year, in addition to the 5 she completed last year. She earned a weighted GPA of 4.695 this year and will win the Highest Academic Achievement Award for the second year in a row. 

The Highest Academic Achievement Award in Upper School for the 2016-2017 school year is awarded to Sarah Katherine Weidman ‘17.”


Faculty Cup Award

Victor W. '17 receives the Faculty Cup The Faculty Cup award was presented by Dr. John Longo, Upper School Division Lead.

Each year the Faculty Cup is presented to the Senior who is recognized by the faculty as an exemplary representative of The Colorado Springs School. This year’s winner of the faculty cup is a humble and natural leader in many arenas. His humility and drive make him stand out as a model of excellence.

At the age of 14, he left his parents in China and came to the United States. Still a proud native son of China, he has given a total of nine presentations on Chinese language and culture to his fellow CSS students and others over the past three years. A superstar academically, he has a weighted GPA of 4.3, received a 34 on the ACT and a 1500 on the SAT. Every year, he selected the most challenging courses, and for his senior year, he took 5 AP courses. To say that he is multi-talented would be an understatement. He participates in numerous clubs including Model United Nations, the World Cultures Club, Band, and Varsity Tennis. He has been interested in history and politics for a long time, and is an avid follower of international affairs. As a student delegate at Model United Nations meets, he has received recognition and awards. As student body president, he brings a sense of calm and personal responsibility to the job and is widely respected by his peers and the US faculty.

Always seeking to improve, this young man has taken advanced coursework in history and economics at Harvard and at New York University. He served as a REACH Program teacher and mentor.

The US faculty knows him to be a remarkable person, a lifelong learner, and an outstanding leader. Our loss will certainly be Northwestern University’s gain. Please join me in congratulating this year’s recipient of the Faculty Cup Award: Zijian “Victor” Wang ‘17.”

The Margaret White Campbell Award

Sarah W. '17 receives the Margaret White Campbell Award Each year, the highest honor that faculty bestow is the Margaret White Campbell Award. This year we have three special guests to present this award. Welcomed to the stage were the 2013, 2014, and 2016 recipients of the Margaret White Campbell award, Nick ‘13, Alex ‘14, and Kristen Gardiner ‘16, respectively.

Given in honor of the founding headmistress of the Colorado Springs School, The Margaret White Campbell Award is given by the Upper School Faculty for academic excellence, leadership, service to the CSS community, and general character.”

At this time, Head of School, Mr. Aaron Schubach read the award citation and announced the deserving recipient.

This year’s recipient has continuously exceeded our standards of academic excellence. She earned the highest GPA in the Upper School last two years. In addition to this achievement, she earned recognition as a National Merit Scholar finalist. While most departmental awards are reserved for seniors, this young scholar received the French Award in 10th grade, the Science Award in 11th grade, and this year, the Science Award and the Math Award.

Outside of the classroom she uses her intellect to lead the way for others. She was a key player on the Varsity Matchwits team, the Robotics Club, and this past summer, she attended the MIT Women’s Technology Program. She spent two summers as a REACH mentor helping out with the robotics program and teaching her own seminars in origami and math.

She also led in extracurricular settings: serving as a manager for Kodiaks in Community Service and Secretary for the Model United Nations team. A co-captain of the cross country team this fall and soccer team this spring —she qualified for state competition in each sport.

While her accomplishments are impressive, what is even more so is the quiet, humble grace with which she carries herself. The integrity of her character is evident in her dealings with her peers, with the faculty, and with the larger world. She was recently featured in the Gazette as one of the city’s “Best and Brightest,” where the headline read, “Math mentor wants to better the environment.” Indeed, she has already bettered the environment here in her 14 years at the Colorado Springs School. For her excellent scholarship, her considerable service and her exemplary character we are pleased to give the Margaret White Campbell Award this year to Sarah Katherine Weidman ‘17.”

Additional Awards

Additional awards were presented at various award ceremonies held over this past week.

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