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Studio Glass | Course Description

February 17, 2020

Studio Glass | Emergence of a New American Art Form

Essential Question: How has the artisan glass movement in the U.S. influenced the development of new
techniques and materials to build a thriving and diverse culture of glass artistry?

Course Description:
Almost everyone has seen sculptures by Dale Chihuly, or admired by the beauty of
glass art on display in galleries and people’s homes. Until the 1950’s, in this country, glass artists were
limited to fragments of information smuggled out of closely guarded glass factories on the island of
Murano, Italy. After WWII, glass art moved from factory-produced objects, to a craft form and then into
the world of fine art. Working with little experience and big ambitions, glass artists in the US began to
experiment with new materials and processes to develop their own art forms, ultimately leading to a
Renaissance in the world of art glass making and whole new areas of experimentation with materials.
In this ECS we immerse ourselves in the world of modern glass art, from the production of new colors
and textures in artisan factories, to the development of specialized glass for torch-working, while we learn
and practice hands-on with artists on the cutting edge of the glass art movement. We travel to the mecca
of the glass world in the Pacific Northwest to see first hand how these artists have influenced glass
making, while learning techniques like glass blowing, cold-working, fusing, sandblasting, casting and

In the end, we will bring inspiration and techniques from these artists into our own glass art.

Student interests that match this ECS:
● Art making, marketing and collecting
● Production and innovation of artisan materials
● Economic and cultural impact of art on communities
● Ability to engage in art making processes and follow instructions
● Collaboration – glass art is a team process!

Instructors: Hans Wolfe, Jody Welch, and Katrina Tijerina

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