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Peru ECS | Great Expectations

March 07, 2018

The Peru ECS at The Colorado Springs School We are three days into the Experience Centered Seminar (ECS), and we have covered great topics already. After the last two days of correcting our misconceptions of pre-Inca civilizations and going over basic Spanish phrases, we moved to more in-depth discussions of the fate of the Inca empire and preparations for our presentations to the students in Amaru, the village at 12,500 feet where will do our homestay.

We started the day with a discussion of the pros and cons of globalization, especially as it relates to Peru and the impact of global tourism there. Next, we watched the documentary Guns, Germs, and Steel, which demonstrated the war between Pizarro and the Incas in specific details. After two days of learning, we found it cliche to only talk about the superiority of the Spanish weapons and horses. This documentary provided a broader view of this conflict and illustrated the importance of the  Europeans’ immunity to smallpox, their technology, and their strategy.

After that, we discussed what to present in Amaru. Throughout this discussion, we showed great team chemistry by selecting our group song and preparing subjects to present. In this process, everyone contributed their own ideas, and the group was very open to new ideas.  In the process of selecting the group song, we had to deal with some difficulties. At first, we voted for Somewhere Over the Rainbow/ What a Wonderful World, but everyone seemed unfamiliar with its rhythm, so the group arrived at a consensus again, choosing Imagine by John Lennon to be the new group song. I totally enjoyed this day and am looking forward to arriving in Peru. I was really flattered when I was chosen to present one of the projects because I have almost no Spanish skills. I eventually decided to present with CiCi to the students about Chinese culture with our truly limited Spanish. Victoria is helping us with the translation from English to Spanish. Knowing that everyone on the ECS has placed great trust in me, I felt a boost in my confidence. This ECS trip is, in reality, my first experience to travel to a South American country. With this great ECS group, I think the trip will be a wonderful experience.

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