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Peru ECS | Adventures in Lima

March 10, 2018

Students at the Plaza de Armas !Hola desde Peru! We all have arrived safely and are overjoyed to learn about our new surroundings. Last night we fell soundly asleep after our flights in a hotel in Lima. We have positive attitudes and are ready to grasp as much knowledge as possible about Peru!

Today we went on a tour around Lima. Out first destination was “El parque de amor.” Here we had the opportunity to take beautiful photographs of the sea and steep cliffs. The statue of two kissing lovers is located in the middle of the park and has many tales surrounding them. The beauty of this location awed many. Our bus then navigated the bustling streets to the Lima Museum of Art. We were all intensely educated about the pre-Columbian and Spanish history in Peru, then witnessed lots of artifacts of the time. My personal favorite is this traditional silver staff the Inca rulers carried. Other artifacts included the massive water vessels for indigenous leaders to drink out of, and the many quipus (Inca people’s form of communication made by tying knots in ropes). By the time we left the museum we all had an appreciation for the many ancient people of Peru, and we were excited to see more architecture of the city.

Inca quipu at the Lima Museum of Art At the church of San Francisco, we were amazed by the ancient building and the truly impressive art and library. We were astonished by the catacombs, which originally contained thousands of people who were buried under the church.
Next was a quick plane flight to the city of Cuzco. Here we all hope to learn even more about the unique country of Peru and further establish our Spanish-speaking skills. Even though our trip has just begun, I’m excited about our time here. The Peru ECS is off to a wonderful start, and we can’t wait to see what other memories and knowledge will be built during this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Lima Museum of Art


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