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Tuition Lock Program for 2017-2018

December 05, 2016

Dear CSS Families,

This year, our school has experienced many successes, both large and small. These include a 10% increase in enrollment, accolades from the Colorado Springs Business Journal and Niche, and the everyday successes of our students on our stages, courts and classrooms. It is an exciting time to be at The Colorado Springs School. Now and going forward we are committed to better serving our families and furthering our mission.
Giving your child access to a rigorous and relevant education is a long-term investment that will pay dividends far beyond graduation. Yet the CSS Board of Trustees, tasked with determining annual tuition (typically matching increases in the cost of living), knows that the rising cost of tuition is a concern for many families who choose to invest in an independent school education for their children. In order to allow families to plan for the future, and reward our current families for their loyalty, The Colorado Springs School is initiating a new tuition lock program.
This initiative, which will go into effect next year, will benefit all current families and is part of our strategic plan to bolster enrollment. It will complement our Indexed Tuition and Scholarship programs. Growing our student body will benefit the overall health of the school and our students in many ways including increased academic, athletic, and social opportunities. As you review the materials below, we welcome your questions and look forward to a continued partnership with your family as we grow together.

Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, CSS families who re-enroll by February 15th, 2017 will have their current tuition rates locked with the 2016-2017 prices.

2016-2017 Tuition

2017-2018 Tuition

  • Children’s School: Returning Children’s School families will lock in the current (2016-2017) tuition rate for the duration of their students’ attendance in the Children’s School (K-5th grade). For a single student entering Kindergarten, this program could save a family as much as $6,477* per student.   

Accumulated Savings for Kindergarten - 5th Grade with Tuition Lock

  • Middle School: Returning Middle School families will lock in the 2016-2017 current tuition rates for the duration of their students’ attendance in the Middle School and the Upper School. For a single student entering 6th grade, this program could save families as much as $2,709*. If a student remains at CSS for Upper School, his/her tuition rate locks for all of Upper School at the rate Upper School tuition was when the student entered Middle School. For a single student, under this plan, the seven years of Middle and Upper School could save a family as much as $16,655* per student.

Accumulated Savings from 6th-12th Grade with Tuition Lock

  • Upper School: Returning Upper School families will lock in the 2016-2017 current tuition rates for the duration of their students’ attendance in Upper School (9th-12th grade). For a single student, entering in 9th grade, the four years of Upper School could save a family as much as $5,566* per student.

*Note: Value is estimated based on attendance for all grades in the division, paying full current tuition and compared to increases based on past history at CSS and tuition gradients common among peer schools.

This program represents a tangible benefit for all current families and alleviates the anxiety associated with rising tuition. This program also rewards current families for investing in their children’s future. Thank you for being with us today and going forward.

Learn More
Click here for the 2017-2018 Tuition & Fees, including Indexed Tuition ranges (PDF). Contract commitments made after February 15, 2017 will have the 2017-2018 tuition increases applied.

Do You Have Questions About the Tuition Lock Program?  

  • Why is the school implementing a tuition lock?
  • How is the school going to afford the “costs” of this program?
  • What is the difference between a tuition lock policy and a tuition freeze?
  • Is tuition locked for new families?
  • Do I need to re-enroll by February 15th to lock in my rate?
  • Will there be any exceptions for meeting the deadline?
  • If I leave and decide to come back to CSS, can I have my old tuition rate back?
  • Are fees also locked for re-enrolling families?
  • What does this mean for families applying for Indexed Tuition? 
  • Is the program being implemented school-wide? 
  • How long will this program last? 
  • How will the locked rate be applied?

Click here for answers to
Tuition Lock FAQs

Aaron Schubach
Head of School

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