Choosing CSS

The Colorado Springs School (CSS) has been proudly serving the Pikes Peak region for over 50 years.

Every child has the right to learn in an individual, unique way - That’s why we create an environment where students can cultivate their passions and realize their potential. We believe every student deserves to meet the world with ingenuity, critical thinking and personal integrity.

Balancing tradition and innovation – The Colorado Springs School is the only age 3 through grade 12 independent school in Colorado Springs. Our committed teachers, dynamic and applicable curriculum, small classes, and authentic, real-world seminars reach and teach students in ways traditional educational environments cannot. At CSS, students learn actively, collaborate with their peers, present their work for review in a variety of media, and take time to reflect on their experiences.

We are proudly independent - We teach to a higher standard than the Common Core and are not bound by state or federally mandated education programs.

At CSS, our students are thinkers and problem solvers, and find themselves and their purpose as they engage in all academic, club and athletic activities. CSS students discover the real world through experiential seminars and hands on learning — enabling them to become critical thinkers, not just test takers. Our students are confident, collaborative, innovative and ready for the world.

Attributes of a Successful CSS Student

Intellectual Curiosity: We look for students who have a range of interests, are open-minded, curious, and have the potential to make connections across disciplines and think critically.

Motivation: We seek students who work for the love of learning, not just for a reward or grade.  Successful students have a positive attitude, put forth their best effort, and are willing to take intellectual risks.

Creativity: We appreciate students who are creative problem-solvers, divergent thinkers and who value the creativity of others.

Flexibility: We look for students who can handle multiple transitions in a day, who are open to new ideas, and who can maintain focus in a variety of settings.

Social Maturity: We seek students who demonstrate self-control, accept responsibility for their own actions, and behave respectfully, cooperatively, and thoughtfully toward others. We value students who are community-minded and embrace diversity.

Self-Knowledge and Self-Advocacy: We seek students who know, or are willing to learn, about their own strengths and weaknesses. This includes developing an understanding of their own learning style and personal and social development.

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