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Steps for Success: Social Distancing

Social Distancing

  • Classrooms will be set up to encourage social distancing wherever possible.

  • Each class will enjoy quad and playground breaks with time in between groups for cleaning.

  • Students will eat all lunches and snacks in their classroom/advisory groups to limit movement in the building. The dining hall will offer box lunch options available for pre-order. 

  • Larger interior spaces such as Maytag Dining Hall and Louisa Performing Arts Center may be repurposed for classes like band and choir to spread out.   

  • Bathrooms may be limited to individual use when possible.

  • Outdoor pop-up classrooms are being prototyped. Faculty are encouraged to take their students outdoors and open their windows for added ventilation and to increase the flow of fresh air when indoors.

  • Visitors, tutors, substitutes, outside contractors, etc. will be restricted to those that are essential and will be asked to wear a mask and complete a Daily Health Screening Form. All visitors must check-in at the Trianon. Random temperature checks will be conducted throughout the day. 

  • Parents will be restricted from academic buildings during the day. In order to minimize exposure, we will prioritize smaller parent gatherings, outdoor and virtual formats whenever possible for parent gatherings. (ie. Welcome Coffees, Back-to-School Nights, Parent Association Meetings). Parents may visit the Business Office, Infirmary, the Head’s Office, Admission Office, Advancement Office, etc. by appointment.  They must wear a mask, complete the Daily Health Screening Form, and may be subject to random temperature checks.  

  • Large community gatherings are being subject to ongoing evaluation (ie. Ice Cream Social, Carnival, Revue, Athletics Contests, Plays, etc.)

  • Field trips may be limited to outdoor adventures. No overnight travel will be permitted first semester. Creative alternatives for community-building and curricular tie-ins will be explored. We acknowledge the disappointment students and parents will have in the loss of such signature programming.

Last updated: July 27, 2020

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