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Parent Connection Webinars

Impact of Tax Reform on Education: From 529 Plans to Charitable Giving
Mr. Aaron Schubach, Head of School
Mrs. Jessica L. James, Director of Advancement and Communications

A PDF of this presentation is an available tool for parents and donors

Impacts of Tax Reform on Education is a PDF download for parents and donors (PDF).

Upper School Program Differentiators
Mr. Aaron Schubach, Head of School


Innovation and STEM at CSS
Mr. Eric Gaylord, Academic Dean and Mr. Aaron Schubach, Head of School




Head of School Aaron Schubach shares the development of the RULER program, now in its second year at The Colorado Springs School, and what the initiative looks like for students of different ages. 

Experiential Programming at CSS


Director of Student Programs Nicole Goyette shares the value of experiential education programs at CSS from Kindergarten to 12th Grade.

Middle School Program at CSS


Take a moment to learn more about The Colorado Springs School’s Middle School program for 6th - 8th Graders. Hear from Division Lead, Mr. White on the advantages of the CSS Middle School.

Tech Trends at CSS


Mr. Gaylord presented on Tech Trends at CSS. This included information about the roll out of Google Classroom as a new Learning Management System for students, daily data-driven instruction, and ZPD (zone of proximal development)!

Click here for a PDF attachment of the Tech Trends presentation.

The Marshmallow Test and Non-Cognitive Skills Impact on Student Drive


Mr. Schubach presented research and findings on the importance of non-cognitive skills driving success in students. He looked closely at research, as well as how such findings are integrated into programs at CSS. His presentation was informed by such works as  Walter Mischel’s Marshmallow Test, Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Yang Zhoa’s scholarly studies of education, Tough’s theories on Grit and Carol Dweck’s study of Growth Mindset.

Click here for a PDF attachment of the presentation.

Data Driven Instruction
Mr. Eric Gaylord, Academic Dean


Academic Dean, Mr. Eric Gaylord presents Data Driven Instruction and The Colorado Springs School’s approach to standardized testing and test preparation. Read more about this presentation in the Head of School’s Blog on Data Driven Instruction and Portfolio Assessment at CSS.

State of the School, Fall 2015
Aaron Schubach, Head of School

This presentation was originally prepared by Head of School, Aaron Schubach and presented to parents at the State of the School during the back-to-school Welcome on August 21, 2015. Please read more about this presentation in the Head of School’s Blog on the State of the School.

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